Russian bath - the second mother

Russian bath - the second mother

Modern trends in the construction of a Russian bath

In the minds of the Russian people, the bathhouse is more than just a place to wash. From time immemorial, people went to the bathhouse and consolidated this tradition, which continues to exist today.

It's no secret that building baths is a very difficult job, and you need to take it seriously. If you don't rely on yourself, entrust the construction to professionals. Now there are many firms doing this.

Bath construction is a multi-stage process... It is in many ways similar to the construction of a summer cottage, therefore, before starting construction, a project should be developed, which will take into account the planning features of the internal premises and draw up an estimate according to which you will begin to purchase the necessary materials for construction and decoration. Each stage of the construction of a bath requires increased attention and adherence to technology, as well as the use of refractory and fire-resistant materials.

The main step in the construction of a bath is the choice of wood as a building material. Wooden baths are usually erected from chopped or rounded logs with a thickness of 180-240 mm. In terms of environmental friendliness and heat, they occupy the first positions among baths and saunas made of other materials.

As a rule, a standard sauna consists of three rooms: a steam room, a washing room and a changing room. Their size and configuration can be varied as desired. The steam room is sheathed with clapboard. It is advisable not to use conifers for decorating a pair of rooms, since resins are released at elevated temperatures. Linden or aspen is usually used to decorate the paired compartment. There is no resin in these rocks, which can cause burns at high temperatures.

The bathhouse foundation is quite often performed according to the same principles as the foundation of a residential building. If the soil is stony on the site, and the structure of the bath itself is strong enough, then the foundation can be replaced with materials made of oak, resistant to decay processes. Safety in the bath is also ensured by the use of well-dried logs, pre-impregnated with antiseptic solutions and substances that increase resistance to high temperatures.

Recently, baths built of brick or stone have become especially popular. Aspen and linden are used as building materials for the ceiling. The use of these types of wood allows you to increase the thermal insulation properties of the ceiling and the resistance to moisture. The floor in the bath is made in such a way that a drainage system is built into it, with the help of which water is removed. The windows in the premises of the bathhouse are made small, and the doors have a high threshold and narrow dimensions. Ventilation and water supply systems are also developed in advance.

Increased safety requirements are imposed on the furnace. If a traditional wood-burning stove is used in the bath, then for its operation you need to stock up on firewood. Such an oven heats up the steam room for a longer time compared to electric ovens, which have been quite popular recently. In addition, to ensure the fire safety of the bathhouse, plastering of the stoves is a mandatory requirement. Of course, this does not apply to modern electric ovens. Although, I must say that many lovers of a traditional sauna heater do not accept these innovations, believing that without the smell of smoke there is no true atmosphere of a sauna.

Interesting fact
The bath broom is a primordially Russian invention. Only in the Russian baths the steaming ones whip each other with a broom to drive out the slags.

A bathhouse on a garden plot, consisting of a dressing room, a shower and a steam room, is placed in the part of the garden plot opposite from the country house. It is heated by a stove, into which firewood is placed from the dressing room. For relaxation, a wide bench is placed along one wall in the dressing room, and an additional folding shelf is reinforced above it on hinges. Between the dressing room and the steam room there is a washing room, where a boiler with water heated by an oven is installed, as well as a washing bench. In each room during washing, a strictly defined temperature must be constantly and without much effort maintained:

  • in the steam room 50… + 55 ° С;
  • in the soap room (shower room) - about + 40 ° C;
  • in the locker room - not lower than + 21 ° C.

Interesting fact During a trip abroad, Peter I visited Paris. There, not far from the Tsar's residence, a bathhouse was erected for Russian soldiers right on the banks of the Seine. They steamed in it, and then rushed to swim in the river. When the French asked if the soldiers would catch a cold, the tsar replied that the French air softens them, and the Russian bath makes them stronger.

Types of roofs for a bath

When building a bath, you should think over everything to the smallest detail. Particular attention should be paid to the construction of the roof. There are two types of roofs: flat and pitched. But the variety of these types depends on the wishes of the developer.

Let's talk about pitched ones. They are divided into attic and non-attic. Attic roofs are usually cold, without insulation. Attic rooms can be either cold (over unheated rooms) or warm (over heated ones, respectively). Pitched roofs are divided into several types:

  • the most common and most often used are single-slope (they rest on two outer walls of different heights) and gable (they rest on two outer walls of equal height);
  • there are also half-hips (also gable, and the upper parts of their end walls are cut in the form of a triangle); hip (their end slopes are made in the form of beveled triangles, and the side ones are in the form of trapeziums);
  • tent and mansard (rather complexly designed types of roofs, not recommended in the construction of baths).

When choosing a roof for a bath from a bar, you should pay attention to single-slope or gable (single-pitch, with a slope of no more than 5% are the most economical and convenient, and gable is good to do if you need to use the attic space). If a bathhouse with a total area of ​​no more than 12 m2, then it would be most correct to make a single-slope roofless covering, with larger areas it is advisable to make a double-slope one.

It is worth taking care of the interior decoration of the bath. After all, the interior decoration is able to give it beauty and warmth, fill it with pleasant smells and intricate designs. Traditionally, wood trim is used in the bath, since it is not only able to decorate its interior, but also allows you to spend time there with health benefits. For this type of finish, planed hardwood planks such as alder, aspen or linden, which do not contain resin, are usually used.

If funds allow, then exotic tree species can also be used, such as Canadian hemlock, sedrella, meranti. If you need to give the bath a magnificent interior look, then it is worth finishing with red Canadian cedar, but the resin will need to be removed first, then the bath will take on a unique look. Decorating baths with any type of wood does not imply additional staining or cladding.

It should be noted that the unprofessional decoration of the bath, even if it was done with the maximum of the applied diligence, is often the main reason for the need to re-perform all the work. In other words, if you strive to make a very beautiful steam room, but do not delve into the technology, you can pay for your own carelessness and again spend money on all finishing and building materials. If a wood-burning stove is installed in the steam room, then part of the room must be finished with non-combustible materials, such as tiles or bricks are suitable, to decorate the space, you can use their various forms and combinations.

In the bath, it is also necessary to think over the location of shelves, benches and benches, since they are the most important elements of its interior decoration. Their sizes and shapes are primarily determined by the dimensions of the steam room. The interior decoration of the baths presupposes, on the one hand, the beauty of the bath benches, benches and shelves, and on the other hand, a sufficiently high level of functionality. They should not creak, wobble, have sharp edges and rough shapes.

For shelves, benches and benches, it is best to use materials from trees such as poplar, aspen or linden, as they dry well, do not heat up much or burn, and do not contain resin. We should not forget about the arrangement of the dressing room - the place where you need to place bath accessories, linen cabinets, shoe racks, firewood and water. Harmony in the interior decoration of the bath will create an atmosphere of warmth and tranquility, which will hide you from the daily hustle and bustle and allow you to relax in silence, and bath procedures will bring great pleasure and help to cope with many ailments.

Dispelling the myth of the bath

Many people think that a strong steam room is only for very healthy people, but for those who, for example, have a bad heart, it is not suitable. But this is absolutely not the case. A little time in a hot Russian bath will not harm you, but benefit. The main thing is just to keep track of time and take into account the recommendations of doctors.

Correctly selected wood species, the organization of proper ventilation and air circulation in the steam room serve to relieve the shock that the body receives through the sense of touch. Shock is the body's reaction to a high temperature, at which all organs begin to work in overload. In small quantities (individually for each), this is only useful: adrenaline is produced, the body's protective reserve is turned on, immunity is strengthened, and an intensive cleansing of the body takes place.

In the bath, everything is subordinated to one idea - to get good steam, good for health. At the same time, the temperature in the steam room can be quite high. None of the types of rest has such a cleansing and healing effect as rest in a bath. If you regularly visit the Russian bath, then you are provided with a quick recovery of strength, increased mental and physical performance. Plus, you'll sleep like a baby and your overall well-being will improve fairly quickly.

Natalia Gumennykh

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Barrel bath - pros and cons

Environmental awareness. The barrel sauna is made of wood, which has a beneficial effect on the environment. Selected, quality materials are used that are renewable and safe to use. The dynamic, round shape of the barrel bath provides less wasted space than their square counterparts, which reduces the stress on the bath oven. For good warming up of a cylindrical bath, 8-10 logs are enough.

Adaptability - truly a tub in a barrel is easy to adapt for use in any space. The barrel can be placed both indoors and outdoors. Barrels with electric heaters and wood-burning stoves are on sale. Bath projects can be created in non-standard sizes to meet your needs.

Easy assembly. The barrel sauna can be supplied fully assembled or as a DIY construction kit. The unique hinged components made of a semicircular profile make it easy to assemble the bath on your own, far exceeding the competition in the construction of a bath from traditional logs. The low weight of the bath facilitates the installation of the structure on any hard and even surface. The base can be dense soil, concrete fill or ordinary asphalt.

Detail Orientation - from each board in the bath, to the installation of windows, benches and accessories. Ready-made options are preferable, since manufacturers pay close attention to every aspect, while work on the street can be accompanied by shortcomings. A ready-made barrel sauna is installed on site in one day, which allows you to pay more attention to small details. Many firms are interested in the buyer, promising to make a foundation as a gift.

The barrel bath has a number of advantages

Support. When buying a ready-made bath barrel, you can choose a seller where the company's policy allows you to maintain a working relationship with you. Leaves attention to detail, improves response time, and improves customer service. Despite the fact that a barrel sauna is cheaper than a traditional log sauna, manufacturers, in view of the fierce competition, are extremely scrupulous about the quality of their work.

Availability - the entire construction of a bath in a barrel is an inexpensive and beautiful alternative to the construction of an outdoor sauna or bath building. Modern heat-insulating materials make it possible to insulate a bath - a barrel and operate it without problems all year round. The small dimensions and efficiency of the heater-stove help to keep the temperature in the steam room at a high level, despite the severe frost outside the window.

Nice comfort. All turnkey barrels are equipped with standard warm wooden floors, as opposed to cold concrete, which is typical for ordinary sauna rooms. The barrel sauna comes with quality benches made of lime wood, their traditionally pleasant round shape - a bright comfort enhancer that everyone will love.

Fast cooking. In terms of heating speed, the barrel-bath is noticeably ahead of standard rectangular designs. Households and guests will not have to wait long for the "first couple". It takes no more than 30 - 40 minutes for the air in the steam room to warm up to the comfortable temperature of the Finnish sauna (+90 C).

The only drawback in the budget building is the natural crampedness, the barrel bath, according to the owners, does not allow you to comfortably sit in a cheerful company. The capacity is limited to two people, which is sometimes a significant disadvantage.

Sauna barrel from a bar projects and prices

The cistern bath design is definitely a simple and predictable zoning of a narrow, small interior space. The determining factor in the layout of the bath is its length.

The project "mobile bath-barrel" does not exceed the length of 2 meters and is limited only by the steam room. There is no changing room, you have to take off your clothes either in Spartan conditions under a canopy crowning the front door or in the house in advance, and run to the sauna wrapped in a towel.

In a two-meter bath, the barrel has no place for organizing a washing department. When deciding to install a mini bath, you need to take care of installing a wooden font in advance or place it near the pool.

The portable three-meter barrel sauna has an advantage in length, using it to organize a changing room and a minimum seating area.

The project of a four-meter barrel bath does not imply any changes to the layout. The idea of ​​the building remains the same, the steam room has the same limits, only the changing room area is enlarged. The increased space allows for the installation of longer benches, increasing the degree of comfort for the rest.

The most justified project of a wooden barrel-shaped bath is six meters in length. It is better to build a large bath in a traditional form. The six-meter length allows you to freely place a steam room, a washing room and organize a recreation area.

A barrel bath 6 meters long can allow changing the tradition of the location of the entrance from the end of the building by transferring it to the center of the object. This approach helps to divide the internal space of the bath into two functional zones: a steam room and a relaxation area. Dressing room dressing room is located behind the front door.

The diameter of the barrel can be selected based on individual growth parameters; within the framework of the standard design, the height of the barrel-bath is determined at 2.2 meters. The average person has enough height to feel comfortable inside the barrel.

Designers are not satisfied with the tradition of the round shape, they are inventive and offer the consumer oval, square and even triangular designs.

From bad weather, rain and snow, the roof of the barrel baths is covered with soft bituminous tiles. The roof tiles emphasize the fabulous beauty of the building and serve for a long time without losing their original properties.

The choice for the shingles fell out not only because of the external qualities, the craftsmen successfully use the main advantage of the material - the ability to perfectly bend around any curved surfaces.

Barrel sauna - stove heater

A fiery motor that makes an ordinary room turn into a Russian steam room looks like an ordinary stove-heater. The “heart” of the bath is a feringer baby stove or a geyser stove. In a barrel-shaped design, the oven is installed inside or outside, usually at the end of the room. In rare cases, the oven is placed on the side. The choice of a stove for a bath of their barrels falls on one of three models:

  • Electric boiler equipped with a heater
  • Traditional wood-burning stove for a bath
  • Wood burning stove combined with a stainless water tank.

The chimney is led out of the structure through the roof or through the end wall. The pipe also serves as a ventilation element for the interior space.

How to make a bath barrel with your own hands

Coniferous wood is used in the production process of making barrels saunas. A more budgetary option is designed from pine and spruce. Larch and fir add to the presentability, but the purchase price rises. An expensive cedar helps to achieve the luxury and nobility of the structure.

Wood varieties of linden, aspen, alder, oak or cedar impregnated with linseed oil are used in the interior decoration of the premises. Flaxseed oil is necessary to improve the water resistance characteristics of the material.

It is advisable to combine the barrel sauna body using different types of wood. It is wise to assemble the lower part of the barrel from larch, as it resists rotting processes well. The upper part of the barrel, where more building material is required, is preferably made from cheaper pine.

Estimated price of a bath from a barrel

Just as the length of the barrel determines the project, the price of the bath is primarily determined based on the dimensions of the barrel. The second thing that makes up the price is the variety of complete set of furnace equipment and the cost of finishing materials. The price of a two-meter bathhouse in a turnkey barrel with a diameter of 2.1 meters in 2018, made from a pine board with an initial complete set, is offered on the market from 80,000 rubles.

The construction of Altai pine is 10% more expensive, the cedar species will increase the total amount by another 25%. A barrel bath with an open mini veranda protected by a canopy from the rain will cost you 15-20 thousand rubles more than the basic version. Typically, a barrel bath is used in the summer and does not require insulation. Those who like to return to the dacha in late autumn and flood the bathhouse from the road should order a heat-insulated structure, it will cost another 20-25% more.

A very inexpensive option can be purchased for only 60,000 rubles. To do this, you should pay attention to the mini bath - trailer. An irreplaceable thing for passionate lovers of the steam room, who do not want to part with the bath. Steam up on the shore of the lake while fishing, a luxury worthy of a modern man. The mini bathhouse is installed on a trailer and becomes mobile. The price of a bath for a trailer starts at 60,000 rubles.

With an increase in length, the price of barrel-baths increases, not straightforwardly. If the plot in the country allows it, it is advisable to swing a three-meter length. Two branches (steam room and dressing room), spruce or pine barrels will cost the owner about 130-150 thousand rubles. The six-meter pine "royal bath barrel" should be considered for a large family. The project allows you to accommodate a washroom, dressing room and steam room. The starting price of a 6 meter barrel starts at 300 thousand rubles.

Barrel bath on your own

Of course, you can saw with your own hands, adjust the barrel set for self-assembly. The only negative is that it will take forever, leaving behind the summer season. The reason for the long production of structural elements lies in the need to plan each board on one side, forming a semicircle, on the other - a groove. Otherwise, it will be impossible to form a cylindrical shape without huge gaps.

In the modern world, not a chisel is used for such a purpose, but a milling machine. Technological equipment cuts the connecting elements quickly and accurately forming a semicircular or U-shaped profile.

It is definitely unprofitable to purchase a milling machine for personal use in order to cut a set of boards once. Moreover, you still have to buy a set of cutters. The best option to save on building a bath from a barrel is to purchase a ready-made kit, and do the assembly yourself.

Professional assemblers ask for work from 10 to 40 thousand rubles, based on the length of the bath, we propose to install the bath barrel yourself. Armed with instructions and a minimal set of tools, any healthy man can install a barrel bath on the site with his own hands.

Factory kit for assembling a bath

Before installing the bath, you need to take care of a flat and hard base. In most cases, a tamped dirt pad is sufficient. If the earthen rocks on the site are soft, then the work on the preparation of the base is carried out more carefully. It is best to make a concrete area the size of a bath. In the absence of concrete, the area under the barrel is covered with crushed stone and poured with a cement-sand screed 100 mm thick with proportions of 1 part of cement, 2 parts of sand.

Further, on the site, wooden supports are installed, which are included in the delivery set. The semicircular cutouts of the supports will securely fix the bath barrel along its entire length. We advise you to additionally treat the barrel bath supports with Pinotex against fungus and mold formation.

Having placed the supports for the barrel along the length of the structure, we begin to lay out the bottom of the bath from profiled boards. We fasten the boards to the supports with self-tapping screws. Having laid the lower sector of the circle, we install the end round bearing walls. The walls should be inserted into the groove formed by the stacked boards at the bottom. Next, the boards are sequentially sheathed in a circle in a bath, using nails as fasteners.

When the body of the bath is assembled, it must be firmly pulled together with steel hoop strips. The ends of the hoop are equipped with special threaded adjusting bolts. With the help of a tie, the hoops are pulled, finally giving rigidity to the entire structure.

The final stage is the installation of the heater-stove. The factory instructions for installing a barrel bath also regulate the laying of utilities (electrical wiring for lighting and sewer pipes).

Finishing, installation of doors, benches, tables is carried out at the end of installation work. It remains to protect the bathhouse from bad weather with bituminous tiles and start the first kindling of the sauna.

If you have a partner, then using the factory instructions and armed with a set of tools (hammer, screwdriver, saw and plane), you can cope with the assembly of the bath from the "designer" in a couple of days.

Reviews of the owners of the construction of the bathhouse barrel

The choice of buying a small bath is deliberate, and does not imply much competition with a large bath complex. Nevertheless, the owners speak from unforgettable positive emotions.

You can understand the people who bought the barrel bath: the absence of a stereotyped appearance, comfortable interior decoration, sauna aromas of wood, a Russian steam room on your site. The main advantage is that you can completely disconnect from city worries and enjoy bath procedures.


However, as it happens with wooden elements, after 2-3 years in the reviews of the owners there are complaints that the boards dry up and cracks form. Hoop tightening will help eliminate problems. The choice of a high-quality barrel bath kit will help to avoid large shrinkage. A good manufacturer prepares the lumber before processing by thoroughly drying it. The dried board does not shrink more than acceptable.

The second characteristic problem is that the boards in the area of ​​the drain holes begin to rot intensively. Modern technologies of wood preservative help to avoid rotting. Up to coating the drain holes with bitumen waterproofing.

Many questions arise when buying from consumers who want to use the bath all year round. The use of barrel baths in winter is a concern. Additional internal insulation helps to cope with the task. Owner reviews often demonstrate the opinion that a well-assembled bathhouse does its job well in winter and without insulation.

Review of the real owner of a six-meter barrel bath in a video review:


I washed in the bath that I was rejuvenated.


Bath - the second mother!


The body soars, gives health!


The bathhouse spit, the bathhouse poisons.


Stuck like a bath leaf.


In the bathhouse, they will shower you in gangs.


Someone about what, and lousy - about the bath.


To go to the bathhouse - to drink vodka, and not to wash the body.


To prepare a bath - what a musical instrument to tune!


On which day you take a steam bath, on that day you do not grow old.


Vanya recovered - the bath helped him.


A bath without steam is like cabbage soup without broth.


Steam the bones in the bath - you will spoil the body.


In a bathhouse, a broom is more valuable than money.


In the bathhouse, a broom is the boss.


Bath drives any disease from the body.


I washed myself in the bath - I was born again.


In the bath, everyone is equal.


There are no generals in the bathhouse.

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Start at the bottom shelf

Before entering the steam room, lightly rinse under the shower without soap, otherwise the heat of the bath will cause unpleasant sensations. The skin will become dry, as if stretched, sweat will irritate it, and after a bath you will feel an unpleasant itching. Never wet your head. In order not to cause overheating, do not forget to bring a hat with you (this can be an old felt hat). Moisten the cap from time to time with cold water.

Sit in the steam room of mines, and if possible, lie down below, getting used to the heat (temperature fluctuations on one shelf above and below - ° С). The muscles will relax, and it will be possible to steam them well. If the conditions of the bath do not allow you to bathe while lying down, then you need to sit without hanging your legs from the bench.

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Bath barrel. Pros and cons. Assembly. Reviews. Instruction.

A turnkey barrel bath, inexpensive - ads in newspapers and ad units on the Internet are dazzling. Alexander Pushkin in the tale of Tsar Saltan, rhyming the line “A cloud is walking across the sky, a barrel is floating on the sea” hardly imagined that the modern generation would adapt the barrel for a bath. We also doubt that the ancient Greek Diagen, writing his philosophical treatises, could have assumed that the descendants would arrange a Russian steam room in a wooden barrel.

Domestic ingenuity, guided by the dictum of the Roman satirist Juvenal "in a healthy body - a healthy mind", suggested to users the idea of ​​using baths under a barrel, supplementing it with the principle: "the economy should be economical." It is not known for certain who the merit of the idea of ​​building a Russian bathhouse in a barrel belongs to. However, it can be unambiguously argued that the extraordinary structure has earned popularity both among residents of suburban settlements and among the urban private sector.

Coming across proposals of this kind, we wanted to understand what barrel-baths are. We propose to consider the principles of the device and non-standard approaches in the execution of an intricate structure. Find out what advantages the barrel sauna offers, and determine the list of disadvantages. In addition, you want to know what is more profitable, buy a ready-made barrel bath or build an object with your own hands?

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