Information About Orange Jasmine

Information About Orange Jasmine

What Is Orange Jasmine: Learn About Orange Jasmine Care

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Murraya orange jasmine is a great choice if you're looking to attract bees, birds or butterflies to your garden. Caring for this shrub is surprisingly simple. Find out more about orange jasmine plants in this article.

Flower Gardens

For many, flowers are the definition of a garden. Ask a child to draw a garden, and they'll draw some flowers. Give a gardener no more space than a front stoop, and what will appear there is a flowerpot.

No matter what your level of experience, you can have blooming beauty in your life. But for your flowers to do best, it helps to understand a few basics about how flowers work and what they need.

Pruning and caring for hummingbird vine

Pruning isn’t mandatory at all, but it might be needed if your hummingbird vine grows too large.

Indeed, hummingbird vine is a vigorous plant that must sometimes be cut back and restrained.

  • Best to prune at the end of winter if that is the case, before the growth phase begins.
  • At all costs, avoid pruning during frost spells or strong heat waves.
  • Retain only the structural branches of the hummingbird vine.
  • Don’t worry about going too far when pruning, the plant can take severe pruning without any consequences.

As for maintenance pruning, best to prune the sprigs that have succumbed to frostbite at the end of winter, they won’t grow back. This usually concerns the tip of the branches, about sixteen inches (forty centimeters).

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