Window Haworthia

Window Haworthia


Haworthia cooperi (Cooper's Haworthia)

Haworthia cooperi (Cooper's Haworthia) is a slow-growing succulent that forms clumps of stemless or short-stemmed rosettes of fleshy…

Succulent Mealybugs are a problem for Haworthia. To battle the problem try wiping the leaves with a paper towel soaked in rubbing alcohol. If the plant has root mealybugs in the soil, the plant may need repotting.

Is The Haworthia Toxic Or Poisonous?

This and all Haworthia species are safe for pets, kids, and adults.

Is The Haworthia Plant Invasive?

Cathedral window plant is not endangered in its native setting, and it cannot be considered invasive in any other setting.

Watch the video: How to take care of Haworthia Cymbiformis var Obtusa