How to properly grow an apple tree from a seed or a branch at home?

How to properly grow an apple tree from a seed or a branch at home?

To grow a tree, gardeners resort to the help of special farms and purchase seedlings for planting. But there is another way, which is much more complicated and will take more time.

You can grow an apple tree from a seed.

Is it possible to grow a tree from an apple seed at home?

This process takes a long time. and can be quite risky. Because the resulting fruits can be very different in taste from the original plant.

When growing an apple tree from a seed, the result of planting will be known only after the first fruiting, which occurs in the 5th year of life.

As the final material, you can get:

  1. A full-fledged tree that bears tasty, varietal fruits.
  2. A wild apple tree with small fruits suitable for processing.
  3. There is also a chance of getting an ornamental plant, the fruits of which will be beautiful, but not tasty.

If you follow all the conditions for growing an apple tree from a seed, there is a high probability of getting a varietal tree... The best option is to use an annual seedling in the form of a rootstock for an already mature tree.

To protect yourself from not receiving material suitable for planting, it is better to germinate a few seedsextracted from different varieties of apples.

How to choose a seed for growing an apple tree?

It is worth remembering that growing an apple tree from seeds is a laborious and lengthy process, and so that it ends in success, you need to choose the right seeds.

They should be firm and mature. Such planting material is distinguished by its dark color and uniform color.

Also, the seeds should not have any mechanical damage, so you need to remove them from the apple as carefully as possible.

For proper preparation, the following steps are taken:

  1. Washing - to get rid of the inhibitory layer that interferes with germination, the selected seeds are placed in a container with warm water and stir with a small spoon for 3-5 minutes, it is better to repeat this procedure several times. Then the water is drained using a sieve or gauze.
  2. It is best to use a wooden spoon or stick because this material is less likely to damage the seeds.

  3. Soak - then the seeds are poured with water and placed in a warm place for 3-4 days. On day 3, experienced gardeners recommend adding a growth stimulator to the container. The water must be changed every day to avoid stagnation.
  4. Stratification - with the help of this procedure, the seeds are hardened and prepared for their natural habitat.

There are several ways to carry out stratification.:

  1. The planting material is mixed with peat and sand in a ratio of 1 to 3, then the resulting mixture is moistened until water begins to seep to the surface.
  2. According to gardeners, the best substrate is moss mixed with sawdust.
  3. A combination of sand, sawdust and activated carbon is also used.

The seeds should be in the selected substrate for 6 days. at room temperature. At this time, they will swell. Then they are transferred to the refrigerator for 2-3 months.

How to grow an apple tree from a stone. Seed stratification:

Planting conditions for the bone

After the first shoots appear, the strongest and healthiest of them are selected... Any time of the year is suitable for transplanting seeds at home.

Once the material is ready, do the following:

  1. For sowing seeds, a special container is prepared, which is most often a box or container. There must be holes at the bottom to drain excess moisture.
  2. Then a drainage layer is made of expanded clay, pebbles and other similar materials.
  3. Black soil is used as a fertile soil, such a soil has all the substances necessary for a young tree.
  4. During planting, the following scheme is used: the width between the rows is 15-20 centimeters, and between the seeds is 2-3.
  5. The seating depth should not exceed 2 centimeters.
  6. Then the soil is watered abundantly.
  7. When watering the plants, they act carefully so as not to erode the soil and not expose the seed that has not yet matured.
  8. As soon as the second pair of leaves appears on the grown trees, you need to sort them out, removing weak plants and wild apple trees. They differ from varietal ones in that they have smaller and brightly colored leaves, thorns appear on the trunks. Thus, the distance between the trees increases to 7-8 centimeters.

At home, apple trees are kept for at least 4 years., in this case, they will be able to get stronger and in the future will be ready for transplantation into open ground.

If the apartment does not allow such a long period of time to keep a small tree, it can be transplanted to a garden plot, but at the same time they protect the plant from cold temperatures, pests, wind and other troubles.

Every year it is necessary to increase the volume of the container in which the apple tree grows. This will help the tree develop the correct root system.

How to grow an apple tree from a stone. Transplanting germinated seeds into the ground:

Watering - for a young apple tree, timely watering is the main source of livelihood, without it, the still not strong root system will not be able to receive a sufficient amount of moisture and the tree may die.

It is best to carry out this procedure once a week, avoiding the formation of a dry crust.

Top dressing - it is worth considering that in the first years of life, active organic additives, which include manure or bird droppings, can harm the plant.

They can cause burns and can cause various bacterial diseases. Therefore, it is better to replace these fertilizers with infusion of humus.

To stop the growth of leaves and improve the maturation of the wood, at the end of August, the apple tree is fed with potassium-phosphorus supplements.

For each square meter of crops, the following amount of fertilizer is poured:

  • 15-20 grams of potassium chloride;
  • 30-40 grams of superphosphate.

So that nutrients penetrate to the root system during feeding the soil must be carefully loosened and watered abundantly.

Open ground transplant

As soon as the seedling reaches 4 years of age, it can be planted in open ground. This procedure is best done in late April - early May, or in September.

In order for the tree to take root in a new place, it is necessary to choose the right site for planting.

Good lighting contributes to the correct development and high-quality ripening of fruits.

Also you need to pay attention to the level of occurrence of groundwater, they must be at least 1 meter deep. The technology of the process is no different from the planting of seedlings purchased in the nursery.

How to grow an apple tree from a branch?

If the method of growing a fruit tree from seed seems too complicated, you can resort to cuttings propagation... To get a seedling from a branch, preparatory work begins at the end of autumn.

This process is also quite laborious, but it will take less time and it will be most likely to get the desired variety.

How to prepare cuttings for propagation

Many gardeners try to get a seedling by cutting off unprepared branches and placing them in water. But in this case, it will hardly be possible to wait for the roots to appear.

To make the process a success, in late autumn - early winter, cuttings are prepared for reproduction using the following actions:

  1. To begin with, a strong, young and ripe branch is selected, its age should be 1-2 years.
  2. Its middle should be gently broken without damaging the bark. For this, the selected area is bent until a crunch appears.
  3. Then the injured place is rewound with tape or tape.
  4. The last step will be to attach a support, which can be a regular stick. She will not allow the bent branch to straighten.

How to properly plant the prepared planting material?

After the formation of fractures, the tree will independently try to heal them, for this a large amount of nutrients will go to the injured places.

With the help of such manipulations in April, the apple tree will be ready to start the breeding process:

  1. The first step is to remove the winding, after which the branch is cut in the damaged places.
  2. For germinating cuttings, it is best to use a cropped dark bottle filled with melt or rainwater.
  3. For the best efficiency of the process, several tablets of activated carbon are dissolved in water.
  4. If you fill the container to the level of 10 centimeters, you can put 10 cuttings in it.
  5. After 3 weeks, roots will appear under the buds that are in the water.
  6. It is better to place the bottle with sprouting branches on the windowsill.

As soon as the roots reach a size of 7 centimeters, they can be safely transplanted into open ground.

If a young tree is provided with regular watering and protection from bright sunlight, then it can quickly adapt to new conditions.

Sprouting an apple tree from a seed is a very difficult process., which can only be carried out by an experienced gardener, but cuttings propagation is also suitable for novice gardeners.

In any case, the resulting tree will be one of the most beloved on the site.

How to grow an apple tree from seeds

By anna Published 03/06/2017 Updated 04/10/2017

Everyone knows that buying a seedling by the name of a variety is not even buying a "pig in a poke", but a real lottery (and, moreover, not always a win-win). Growing your own seedling from the seed of the apple you like is not a gardener's dream?

How convenient - they bought apples, liked the taste, collected seeds, planted, grew. Everything is very simple, but the laws of nature dictate their own.

Growing an apple tree from a seed at home

Fruit trees require such special care after planting. Before you start growing an apple tree from seed, you need to make sure that this crop can grow in your region.

When growing a tree from a seed, you need to understand that it is possible to collect the first fruits in 4-7 years.

In order to grow an apple tree from a seed, you should adhere to the following action plan:

  1. Take a ripe fruit, select a suitable variety for germination.
  2. Dry the seeds in a cool place.
  3. Put the finished planting material in the refrigerator, in which the temperature regime of -20 degrees will be observed. There the seeds will be in a burlap sack. The duration of the stay of the material in the refrigerator will be 6 weeks.
  4. Place the seed in the flower pot to a depth of 1.5 cm. Then tame with a little earth.
  5. Place the container with seeds on the windowsill. In this case, keep in mind that the pot is located on the sunny side. The milling should be constantly moisturized.
  6. Taking care of a seedling is easy. It is important to irrigate and fertilize on time. It is worth doing this regularly until the sprout gets stronger. After that, you can transplant the bore into the ground.
  7. The transplant should take place in a place where there is excellent illumination and well-drained soil. It is also worth taking care of protecting the tree from animals. For this, it is recommended to equip a strong fence.

The video tells how to grow an apple tree from a seed:

Useful Tips

In order for the process of growing a seedling to take place more actively, it is necessary to adhere to several simple rules:

  1. After the seed has been separated from the apple, it is worth rinsing it thoroughly in clean water.
  2. Change the water every day and add a stimulant on the last day.
  3. For full-fledged germination of grain, it is worth carrying out the stratification process. To do this, use only freshly harvested and moist grains.
  4. For the substrate, you can use a mixture of sawdust and moss.

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Landing dates

If the seeds are planted at home, then sowing in pots can be done annually, but transplanting to a permanent place in the open field should be carried out in late spring. As the apple seedlings develop, it is required to transplant them into more spacious containers.

In the case of placing seeds on natural stratification, the optimal time for planting seeds is the beginning of autumn. You can also plant apple trees at the end of summer. In this case, the seeds, after washing and soaking, are immediately transplanted into the soil. During autumn and winter, the sowing material swells, undergoes natural stratification and, with the onset of spring, sprouts. The main rule that is important to observe when planting is that the seeds should be placed in open soil 3-4 weeks before the expected onset of frost.

Growing technology

Now it is necessary to choose the most viable sprouts, since it makes no sense to plant small and weak ones - they will most likely die.

Primary landing

The container in which it is planned to plant the sprouted seeds can be wooden or plastic of any shape. The main thing is that there are holes at the bottom of the container. A layer of drainage material is laid out on the bottom: pebbles, expanded clay, broken brick or small rubble.

A mixture of soil with the following fertilizers is poured on top (per 5 kg of soil):

It is better to plant each apple sprout in a separate container, as in the photo, to ensure the active development of the central root.

The selected plants are rooted in the soil to a depth of 1.5-2 cm. The distance between individual shoots should be at least 3-4 cm, and between the rows - 15-20 cm. After that, they should be watered abundantly with water.

Organization of watering

To maintain constant soil moisture, the box with seedlings is placed in a larger container filled with about a third of its volume with water. It will penetrate into the soil through the holes in the bottom of the container. It is important not to allow the earth to dry out and form a hard crust on its surface.

Further care, transplantation and feeding

For intensive development, the plant needs a lot of sunlight, so it is recommended to place containers with seedlings on a glazed balcony or window facing south.

An apple tree grown from a seed needs to be transplanted three times:

  • the first - after 3-4 months from the container where the seed germinated, into a box or pot
  • the second transplant is done a year later. The seedling is transferred into a larger container, having previously bent its central root at a right angle. This is done in order to stimulate the growth of small roots.
  • for the third time, the plant is planted in open ground in a permanent place.

After each transplant, the tree is watered abundantly. The root system must be handled carefully, since it has not yet matured and it is easy to accidentally damage it. Repeated transplants are done so that the apple tree begins to bear fruit faster. If you plant it immediately in open ground, then the tree will give its first harvest only after 15-18 years.

Transplantation to a permanent place is carried out in the spring (from mid-April to the end of May) or in the fall (September-October)

To place the seedling, it is optimal to choose areas that are well lit by the sun and protected from the winds with a depth of groundwater of at least 1-1.5 m. Before planting, the soil is enriched with ash, humus and mineral fertilizers containing phosphorus and nitrogen.The latter is necessary for active growth and strengthening of the root part.

Experienced gardeners recommend feeding it with humus infusion or rotted compost in the first year of a plant's life. Concentrated organic fertilizers in the form of fresh manure or chicken droppings are not suitable for this purpose, as they can cause burns or bacterial infection.

In August, nitrogen-containing dressings are excluded, replacing with phosphorus-potassium ones (20 g of potassium chloride and 40 g of superphosphate). Fertilizers are poured over the surface of the trunk circle, and then loosened and watered the soil.

On 1-2-year-old apple seedlings grown for use as a rootstock, in July - August, budding or grafting with a cuttings of the desired variety is done and left to winter dug into the ground directly with a container or transferred to a suitable cold room (basement or unheated greenhouse). After that, the seedling, when transplanted to a permanent place, takes root well and quickly starts to grow.

Some gardeners advise to dig up rootstock seedlings in October, remove all leaves from the crown and cut off the central root, stepping back 20 cm from the root collar. As a result, the intensity of growth decreases and the development of lateral fibrous roots is stimulated. Until spring, such seedlings with a covered rhizome are stored in a dark, dry and cool place.

Features of caring for an apple tree

Care principles:

  • Water periodically, not forgetting about your tree.
  • Feed with the necessary drugs.
  • Regularly prune off dead branches from a mature apple tree.

By following these principles, after ten years, you will be able to enjoy delicious juicy fruits and harvest generous harvests of apples from your seed-planted tree every year after ten years.

All plants need vitamins and microelements for full and proper development and life. The apple tree is no exception. You need to regularly feed the tree... And you should do it right. It is necessary to loosen the soil and add a mixture for feeding.

You can infect a young tree with various infectious diseases. Compost is the best fertilizer. Top dressing consisting of phosphorus and potassium will be very beneficial for young trees. They contribute to the maturation of the dense part of the tree under the bark (wood). The feeding proportions must be strictly observed:

  • potassium chloride should not be more than 20 grams per square meter of area
  • superphosphate - about 35 grams.

Variants of the development of the process when growing an apple tree from a seed

Many gardeners are interested in the question of how an apple tree can be grown from an apple seed, what the result will be. Even if all the rules for growing an apple tree from a seed are observed, 3 options for the development of events are possible:

• you get a good high-yielding apple tree with tasty fruits
• the sprout is reborn into a wild, which bears tasteless fruits
• the tree has a small harvest with delicious apples.

It is possible to get the first fruits from a tree grown independently from seeds in 5-10 years. It will have an important positive quality: increased frost resistance.
If you freely choose the seed, follow the recommendations, then you can grow an apple tree from a seed on the site, which after 5-10 years will delight patient gardeners with a harvest.

Watch the video: How to grow an Apple Tree from seed.