Garden plants, from which summer residents are in a hurry to get rid of

Garden plants, from which summer residents are in a hurry to get rid of

Growing ornamental plants in the country, you need to be careful in their choice. Some have to get rid of for various reasons.

Verbeynik point

It is also called lysimachia. It is a perennial garden plant up to 1-1.2 m in height, with a large green mass and tall stems with medium-sized yellow flowers.

It is very undemanding, with a sufficient amount of rain in summer, it does not need any care at all, does not require shelter in winter. At the same time, it grows very quickly, displacing other plants, and for this reason many summer residents get rid of it.


An evergreen perennial shrub, rue fragrant is known as a medicinal plant. Reaches 1 m in height, cold-resistant, in severe frost requires shelter. It takes root well on any soil, but does not tolerate excess moisture.

In medicine, all parts of the shrub are used - it has bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, healing effects, it is used for diseases of the nervous system, problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

However, it should be used with caution - the high content of alkaloids and essential oils causes burns when applied externally. For this reason, the root is often cut down in the areas.


Herbaceous plant of the Plantain family is otherwise called digitalis. Stems up to 1.5-1.7 m high are covered with oblong leaves below, and on top they are decorated with a large cluster of flowers, similar to deep bells or thimbles.

It tolerates winter well, grows on its own, is used in medicine for heart diseases, looks spectacular - but almost all parts of the foxglove are poisonous, and therefore those who have small children try to get rid of it on the site.


Another name is stock-rose. A spectacular perennial plant, reaching 2-2.5 m in height, blooming from late June to September with large, up to 12-15 cm in diameter flowers of all shades - from white to dark purple. You can collect the seeds, then sow the mallow in the snow, you can leave them to fall off for subsequent independent germination.

A significant reason for getting rid of mallow is its susceptibility to rust disease. It is contagious, airborne, so the diseased plant must be destroyed and the surviving ones must be treated.

In addition to rust, mallow is often affected by powdery mildew and caterpillars of various butterflies.


Rye is an annual herb of the Bluegrass family. This cereal grows well on almost all types of soil, cold-resistant. Rye is quite unpretentious, usually has a decorative function in gardens and is one of the most common green manures - plants that are planted in order to improve the quality of the soil and suppress weeds and pests.

However, it itself also attracts the wireworm - the larva of the click beetle. It subsequently often damages the yield of potatoes and other tubers.

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Herbaceous and floral plants

With regard to herbaceous plants, the first thing to do is to remove the decorative grasses. It produces massive amounts of pollen.

Unfortunately, asters and chrysanthemums, beloved by many growers, are also allergens. But they also have a replacement. Delphiniums, aquilegia, bells, irises and many others will do. Phlox and astilbe will look great with them.

We'll have to ban sunflowers, pelargoniums and everyone's favorite marigolds and daisies.

For plant decoration of the balcony and terrace, you can use snapdragons, petunias, balsams, forget-me-nots or pansies. All of them are usually harmless.

This quick guide will help you figure out which plants are not right for you and which you can safely plant in your garden plots.

Health is above all, and you should not be upset that some plants are contraindicated. You can always find a worthy replacement and make the garden cozy, beautiful and absolutely harmless.

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How to prepare and use green fertilizers.
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Eggshells as plant fertilizer. I enrich her soil
Choosing a universally suitable fertilizer for your plants, you should never neglect folk recipes (moreover, this applies not only to the garden).

Planting lilies in open ground
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"If I smile, and flowers suddenly respond with a smile, I can not be afraid of deception, because you smile like that." (George Gordon Byron). "I recognize lilies of the valley as the king of flowers, I have some kind of mad adoration for them." Geraniums have grown to the windowsills, as if they have grown to Russian souls.

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White daisies are flowers dear to the heart.
The photographs show such touching, modest and unpretentious, without a special scent, but memorable for a lifetime. An article about some of the nuances of growing this adorable flower in the garden.

Kosmeya - "heavenly" flower
This bright, flowering annual with large "space" flowers is quite popular and can be a decoration of any garden. Very unpretentious and original in the cut.

Flowers and love are eternal! Growing plants, a person learns to create beauty, and at the same time he himself becomes more beautiful, kinder, more tender.

Let's write a verse about flowers.
What is the secret of silent perfection
Beauty that bestows bliss
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The first rose taken.

Myrtle or Adam's tree
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No fancy flowers. the celebration of life will freeze, and the earth will plunge with a slow whirling into the silent space of emptiness. Where there are no blossoming delicate white-pink flowers does not fall like the shadow of a smile, sakura in the silence the chestnuts do not soar with "candles", so that later the jasmine does not enchant with the aroma of travelers entering the temple and roses do not dance at the ball lilac does not whisper at the gates at night - it is done, we disappear in not love.

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