How to store garlic: 10 proven ways

How to store garlic: 10 proven ways

Almost everyone who has their own land grows garlic. This is a very useful and irreplaceable vegetable. It is used not only in cooking, but also in folk medicine. Therefore, having grown a good harvest of garlic, you still need to try to preserve it. Very often, if stored improperly, garlic begins to germinate or, conversely, dries out almost completely. And I would like to learn how to store it in an ordinary apartment so that it is always at hand.

You need to start with harvesting. Garlic must be collected on time, left to dry for a while, and then properly prepared for storage.

Harvesting garlic

Garlic that was planted in winter (winter) must be harvested in the first days of August or at the very end of July. If the garlic was planted in spring (spring), then the most suitable time to collect it is the end of summer.

Choose a dry and sunny day for this process, and a pitchfork will be the most suitable gardening tools. Dig up the garlic, shake off the heads with stalks from the ground and lay them out on the site for drying. It should be dried in a sunny place or in a well-ventilated area for five days.

The drying process is completed by cutting off the excess stem and roots using a pruner or large scissors. The stem should be left no more than ten centimeters, and the roots approximately three millimeters.

Preparing garlic for long-term storage

There are many ways to store garlic. The main thing is to properly prepare the vegetable. It can be further processed, or you can do without processing. However, the processed garlic heads last longer.

Processing garlic is mandatory if it was not possible to dry it for the required time or if the garlic was overexposed in the sun during drying. And also if it was dug in rainy and cold weather. If you followed all the stages of cleaning and drying correctly, then you can proceed to the next stage without processing.

Garlic processing has three parts:

  • The remaining roots on the garlic heads must be scorched over the fire - this will prevent their germination in the future.
  • Dip each head of garlic in a specially prepared solution (four to five hundred grams of any vegetable oil calcined over a fire for two hours, mix with ten drops of iodine) - this will help to avoid various diseases and become a prophylactic agent against mold.
  • Dry the heads of garlic thoroughly (in the sun or by airing).

How to store garlic: proven methods

Garlic planted in spring will keep well in a warm room (up to twenty degrees Celsius). Winter garlic planted in autumn should be stored in a cold room (no more than one to three degrees Celsius).

Often summer residents and gardeners choose a storage location, focusing on the amount of harvest. A small crop can be stored in an apartment. Usually, not much is needed, only as an additive to dishes or as a seasoning. If you have a large family and everyone loves garlic, and the harvest exceeds one box, then you will have to use the cellar or balcony.

The storage location is of no small importance for the garlic. The room should be cool (from three degrees Celsius to three degrees below zero) and humid (up to eighty percent). Arrange a large harvest of garlic in cardboard, wooden, or wicker containers.

If a small amount of garlic is enough for your family, then use one of several ways to store garlic in your apartment. For its storage, objects and materials from our daily life are used.

Storing garlic in pigtails and bunches

Dried stalks of garlic, together with their heads, are woven into a tight braid and hung from the ceiling in the closet (or in another dry, dark and cool room). This method of storage allows you to economically use space in your home, but it takes some time to create high-quality weaving.

Storing garlic in a net

Garlic is poured into nylon nets with large cells and, as in the previous method, is hung closer to the ceiling.

The downside of these two methods is the potential for garlic to grow and dry out. Therefore, you will occasionally need to sort it and remove the spoiled one.

Storing garlic in salt

As a container, you can take a sterilized glass jar (3-liter) or a small wooden box with small holes for air exchange.

At the bottom of the jar, you need to pour a two-centimeter layer of salt, then fill it almost to the top with garlic, and all the voids between the garlic heads must be filled with salt. A layer of salt is also needed on top, the same as on the bottom of the jar.

You need to put the garlic in the box in layers - a layer of garlic, and then a layer of salt, and so on until filling. This garlic will keep well throughout the winter.

Storing garlic in flour

This method involves the use of a container with a lid. At the bottom you need to pour a small layer of flour, then put the heads of garlic as tightly as possible, having previously rolled them in flour. Then again cover with a layer of flour and cover. Flour picks up excess moisture well, so the garlic will stay fresh until summer.

Storing garlic in sterile jars

Prepare 1 liter or 2 liter glass jars, sterilize them and dry well. They say that in such prepared containers, garlic can also be stored for a long time without additional fillers.

Storing garlic in ash

Storing garlic in ash is similar to the salt and flour method. Take a cardboard box and lay down alternating a layer of ash and a layer of garlic. The top and bottom layers are necessarily ash. The box can even be stored in the kitchen.

Storing garlic in onion skins

Garlic keeps well in onion skins. As a storage container, you can take any boxes, boxes and even small bags. And it's better to store everything somewhere higher.

Storing garlic in cling film

This film will prevent the garlic heads from drying out. They need to be tightly wrapped with cling film, each and better with a double layer.

Storing garlic in paraffin

Take regular paraffin candles and melt them in a water bath. You need to dip each garlic head in hot paraffin and let the excess liquid drain. Once the paraffin is set, you can put all the garlic in small cardboard boxes or baskets.

This storage method does not allow moisture to evaporate, as it is hindered by the protective film that covers the entire surface of the garlic. In addition, the film will not allow any pathogenic microbes to penetrate the vegetable.

Storing Garlic in a Cloth Bag

The bag should be made of any natural material. Soak it in a very saturated salt solution for a couple of minutes. Dry it thoroughly. Fill with garlic and do not tie during storage.

In this way, the processed bag will protect the garlic from mold and various diseases.

Garlic at home: where and how to store it correctly

One of the most important foods that every housewife uses is garlic. After harvesting, it must be properly stored so that it does not lose its properties until winter.

Storing garlic at home is easy, there are several proven and effective ways.

The harvest of garlic is important to properly preserve

Build rules

It is very important to follow the basic rules for planting this vegetable crop. Gardeners divide it into two types: spring - it should be planted in the ground in early spring, and winter - planted in the ground in autumn, no earlier than October. In order for the garlic to survive the winter safe and sound, it is best to choose a spring variety with excellent keeping quality.

Few people know that proper harvesting will help preserve garlic for the winter. You should start digging and collecting spring crops in the middle of summer - in July. An experienced gardener already outwardly understands that the time has come for harvesting. Firstly, the leaves of the plant begin to turn yellow intensively, and secondly, the stem dries out. It is important not to miss the moment, otherwise the heads of culture will take root. The most suitable time for harvesting winter crops is the end of August. The main sign that you should start harvesting is the lodging of the tops. Two weeks before starting harvesting, the plant must be watered abundantly. This tip will help you harvest your entire crop quickly and easily.

Preparation for storage of garlic begins already at the moment of digging it up. It is best to carry out these works in the early morning, so that the vegetable can lie in the sun all day and warm up well. Remember that pulling out is strictly prohibited. If the bush is dry, then it has very fragile stems that will break immediately, as a result of which you will lose half of your harvest. For these purposes, it is best to use a pitchfork.

Garlic that is tainted and unusable in winter can be identified by the following factors:

  • cracked scales on the teeth
  • head crumbled into separate teeth
  • hatching new roots.

Since it will not be possible to preserve the harvest of a winter plant until spring, it is recommended to use it for food and for preparing various preservation in the near future after harvesting.

Storing garlic in a wreath, bunch or braids

This classic recipe for storing garlic was invented by our "grandmothers". The dried stems are not separated from the heads, but woven into a wreath or braid, using twine. New heads are added sequentially. The optimal amount in one braid is 15 pieces.

At the end of the weaving, a loop is made and garlic is attached to it in a dry and well-ventilated room with room temperature or in a pantry at an air temperature of 1-3 ° C. Garlic with short stalks is tied in bunches of 13-15 pieces and stored under the same conditions.

Collection and preparation rules

You can talk for a long time about all the well-known benefits garlic, its easily recognizable taste and unique medicinal properties. But how to store garlic so that it stays fresh and juicy until the very next harvest?

How to store garlic for the winter: general principles

  • Before storing garlic, it is important to harvest it correctly at the right time and weather. Dig up ripe garlic with whole, not cracked heads, preferably for a waning month, in dry weather and do not water it before harvesting.
  • How to store garlic after digging up? Once harvested, the garlic should be dried in the shade or under a canopy for 2 weeks. Then remove the remnants of the earth, cut off the stems and roots, and burn the remnants of the roots over a fire.
  • Carefully sort through the garlic, discarding dubious heads and cloves, spoiled, damaged, with specks, dents, empty.
  • Once dried, the garlic can be spread out in small portions in cardboard or wooden crates, plastic containers, wicker baskets, canvas bags, and even glass jars.
  • Where to store garlic? Best of all - in a dark, dry, cool place at a temperature of 2 ° C to 5 ° C and an air humidity of 70-80%. The best would be a cellar, basement, shed, a box on the balcony or a refrigerator.
  • During storage, you should monitor the condition of the garlic so that it does not deteriorate. Rotten garlic has a characteristic unpleasant odor. Soft, shriveled or spotted teeth and whole bulbs may also appear. Defective heads should be selected from the total mass.

How to properly store garlic for the winter in an old-fashioned way

  1. The dried heads of garlic are woven into wreaths or braids.
  2. Then the garlic bundles are hung in an open space in a cool, dark and dry place and stored until winter.

How to store garlic so it doesn't dry out in vegetable oil

  1. Peel the garlic cloves, separating the spoiled or damaged ones.
  2. Divide the garlic into sterilized jars.
  3. Pour the vegetable oil over the garlic and cover.
  4. Send jars of garlic to the refrigerator or cellar.

How to store garlic in salt

  1. Place whole, unpeeled heads of garlic in clean jars.
  2. Sprinkle the garlic generously with coarse salt.
  3. Close the jars with lids and send them to a cool place.

How to store sprouted garlic

Chives of garlic often begin to sprout from high temperature or humidity. Because of this, garlic loses its valuable properties and juiciness. Sprouted garlic will not be stored for a long time, but you can still keep it at least for a short time.

  1. To do this, the garlic sprouts should be trimmed, and the garlic itself should be transferred to a cooler, darker and dry place.
  2. Watch for new sprouts and consume such garlic in time.

How to store garlic as a condiment

You can also store the garlic in a minced form and use it as a condiment during cooking. This way of storing garlic will allow you to save time in the future for cleaning and squeezing it, as well as washing equipment.

Garlic Seasoning - Ingredients:

  • 1 kg of garlic
  • 200 ml of vegetable oil,
  • a pinch of ground peppers
  • 2 teaspoons of salt.

Garlic seasoning - preparation:

  1. Peel the garlic and cut off the bottom of the cloves.
  2. The vegetable oil is calcined and cooled.
  3. Mince the garlic.
  4. Pour in cooled oil, add salt, spices and stir.
  5. Place in prepared sterilized jars, cover with a lid and refrigerate.

Do I need to tie the garlic

There are several ways to store garlic:

  1. It is collected in bunches weighing about a kilogram and hung from the ceiling.
  2. Storage in grids requires periodic inspection for damaged heads. The nets can not only be placed, but also suspended.
  3. Storage in wooden boxes or sterile jars, covered with coarse salt that protects against diseases.
  4. Garlic is kept drenched in sunflower oil.
  5. Tying or braiding into braids is one way to store it. For convenience, a false stem is left long, and for strength, twine is woven and the structure is suspended from the ceiling. The main condition is darkness, coolness and absence of strong dampness.

What to do with sprouted teeth

Garlic loses its properties and juiciness when sprouts begin to develop in the cloves. This happens if the bottom is not burned before storage. Having made their way outside, feeling the light, the sprouts will gain strength, drawing food from the mother lobule. Pruning green shoots, a dark and cool place will help slow down the process. But you will not be able to completely stop growth.

If you do not want to lose such garlic, it is best to wait for the first thaw and plant it in the ground, covering it with agrofibre or film.

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