Multi-colored celosia in the garden: 30 photos of application in design

Multi-colored celosia in the garden: 30 photos of application in design

Blooming gardens featuring exotic species of flora are invariably popular with plant lovers. Today we will talk about celosi from Africa, Asia and South America.

Celosia is divided into 3 groups according to the structure of the inflorescences:

  1. spikelets - inflorescences are in the shape of a candle;
  2. comb - the flower resembles a cockscomb;
  3. feathery - have panicle inflorescences.

Spikelet celosia

Spikelet celosia

Celosia comb

Celosia comb

Celosia pinnate

Celosia pinnate

Many varieties of this thermophilic plant, and there are about 60 of them, are used in Russian landscape design as annuals. The flowering period is quite long - from July to October frosts.

In landscape gardening, this beauty is very fond of using in a variety of compositions and single plantings. And no wonder! Not all plants have such a variety and colorfulness of shades of inflorescences. Yellow, coral, mint, fiery red, pink, burgundy, bright orange and white. These are not all the colors of this amazing beauty. In addition, the plant is not very difficult to care for, which will delight novice gardeners.

Celosia looks great in naturgardens and other natural styles, where it goes well with wild grasses.

On decorative flower beds and mixborders, this interesting flower is difficult to replace with another plant.

Along the garden paths in the borders and ridges, it is difficult not to notice the burning one - this is how the word celosia is translated from the Greek language.

Decorating city streets, parks and recreation areas, celosia is planted in flowerpots and flower containers. In this case, it is better to use undersized plant varieties.

Comb flower species go well with coniferous and decorative deciduous shrubs, as well as stones.

Celosia silvery comb dwarf

Celosia is often used in group plantings in which flowers of one or several varieties may be present.

Celosia can be used in winter bouquets to decorate the house by placing a multi-colored dead wood in a vase.

Bright and unusual flowers of celosi will always attract attention, wherever they are.

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